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Higalaay Festival is Cagayan de Oro’s primary grandest festival celebrated every 28th of August, celebrating the feast day of St. Augustine – Patron Saint of the City. Higalaay comes from the word “Higala” means “Friend” since CDO is known as the City of Golden Friendship. It has been a tradition that every Kagay-anon celebrates with.

With that, Missy Bon Bon organized an advanced mini fiesta event entitled:  “Viva Missy Fiesta!”. Together with the fellow bloggers and guests, a fun filled and hippy festival event happened where participants are to play Filipino games incorporating the newest MBB pasalubong namely Missy Chips, Barquillos, Missy Peanuts, Strawberry and Melon Marshmallows, Cinnamon and BBQ Toast, Peanut Marzipan, Peanut Brittle, Polvoron, Piñato, Piggy Sue and Sprinkly Cake.

Here are some of the snapshots from the event:



Hosted by James Tubeo


Opening Remarks by Bevirlyn Galupo-General Operations Manager


Welcome Remarks by Nessalou Sabejon-Brand Officer



  • Cinnamon toast Ala Coin

MIssy-CDO-Pasalubong-2Participants have to eat the cinnamon toast but in “ala coin” style. They have to put the cinnamon toast on their forehead down to their mouth.


  • Highest Barquillos Tower

Missy-CDO-Pasalubong-3Players will build a tower using the Barquillos.


  • Chips Please

Missy-CDO-Pasalubong-6Chips were covered with whipped cream and the players will get as many chips as they can within 2 minutes.


  • Polvoron Whistle

Missy-CDO-Paslubong-5Players were given polvoron and the one who finished first have to whistle.


  • Missy Mallows

Missy-CDO-Pasalubong-4Players will be given 1 mallows at a time, the one who will have more mallows on their mouth and can still say “I LOVE MISSY BON BON” wins.


  • Upsidehenyo

The players were divided into groups and they played the trending pinoy game “Pinoy Henyo” but in an upside down.


Everyone received prizes and went home with a smile on their faces.


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